Fashion Heaven.

Known for her high-energy, exuberance and deep passion for dressing up and putting a look together, we visit local radio personality Jane Linley-Thomas in her one-of-a-kind pre-loved fashion shop.

Jane says she has always loved fashion, shopping and thrifting thanks to her mom Penny, who had a big influence on her growing up.

Rails and rails of stylish, colourful and high-quality pre-loved clothing items, shoes, sunglasses, accessories (even the cutest shower caps that bring the old days back) and a few nik-naks and décor pieces, decorate the overhauled shopping space Jane calls The ReJoyce Collection – named in memory of her late grandmother Joyce Linley.

My gran was a community-driven woman with remarkable tenacity and spirit, and the gatekeeper of my creativity. She always wore wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses and is my happy connection to past reflections.’

From playing cashier in games as a child, Jane had no idea that an unexpected spring-clean would lead to her own grown-up shop. When lockdown struck it was the perfect time, she says, to go through her wardrobes.

After hauling out suitcases filled with fashion items and accessories that she’s worn and collected over the years, she hung it all out on clothing rails and invited a handful of moms over to browse.

The result… a fun, funky shopping experience that offers the opportunity to connect with a lovely circle of fashion-conscious thrifters.

Jane runs The ReJoyce Collection by appointment only and accommodates a limited number of women at a time so it’s not crammed and chaotic. What we found most impressive… everything is so reasonably priced! It was also rewarding to see women arrive alone as strangers and leave with a deepened sense of sisterhood.

As the colour-coded rails empty, they’re replenished with more items that Jane has gathered from… well, she can’t divulge everything. But the idea is that you stop, shop and recharge your batteries. It really is all about the experience.

Jane’s five must-have fashion pieces …wide brimmed hats, oversized jewellery, red lipstick, eye-catching wear, and a good pair of sneakers.

‘I find it extremely cathartic hunting for things to bring into the collection and I’m really big on supporting local. This really is not a place for pushing products, it’s about creating a place of restoration for women. Come in and give yourself half an hour, even just to fill your cup.’

Browsing here is a treat … Jane ups the atmosphere with background tunes, a few burning candles and the insatiable combination of coffee aromas and her signature spray, which all make for a heavenly experience.

Everything that’s bought is spritzed, gift-wrapped in vintage patterned paper – a happy reflection of the past – and tied with something beautiful.

‘For me this is all about reclaiming, restoring and helping women hold space for themselves. You would do it if you were gifting something for your daughter, your mother, your bestie, so why not for YOU?’

We simply adore the idea that Jane’s thought about the guys when gift-buying for their wives, mums, girlfriends. The ReJoyce Collection Husband’s Helper gives men the chance to book a one-on-one shopping session with Jane in her bright and beautiful space.

Details: Follow the The Rejoyce Collection on Instagram: @therejoycecollection to keep up-to-date with festive open days and times or e-mail