One on One wardrobe consultation.

This hour play session sees us getting stuck into your wardrobe and exploring different outfit combinations. Also a good opportunity to cleanse the space of items that make you feel bad about yourself, You know that item that you keep for when it fits you one day, the one you have been holding onto that instead of it motivating you it does the complete opposite. Expect the hour to be fun, playful and energizing, And yes I bring my speaker and good music will be playing! Please contact me for rate and full run down.

Teenage wardrobe play and shopping sessions.

I can remember the unpleasantness of trawling malls with my Mom. I think she loathed it as much as I did as I was an uncomfortable over weight teen and this made for a very traumatic shopping and clothing experience.

Let me step in guide and love your daughter through the shops and into her wardrobe where we can mix and match as I build her confidence from the inside out.

Please contact for hourly rate.

Venue for your next fashionable celebration.

The ReJoyce Collection is the perfect spot for a ladies get together, birthday, celebration or team building exercise. It is also alot of fun for teenagers looking for something different to do with girlfriends. The venue will be set up with a beautifully laid table with all bells and whistles, glasses, cutlery, crockery, champagne bowl, napkins, tea and coffee and of course great music.

The venue is booked on a per head rate and includes; “spending money” towards purchases and the venue for a private shopping and play session.

Shopping vouchers

Get a preloaded shopping voucher for a birthday girl, bride to be or to spoil someone special.

Hubby’s helper.

Helping find your special lady the perfect gift when you don’t know what to get her.

Ideal for birthdays, anniversaries or to just because.

Coffee and Conversation.

I have a deep interest and heart for women´s mental health.

My work at East Coast Radio over the last 20 years and more recently, in the last 5 years with KindnessCan, JLT and The ReJoyce Collection has seen me in front of 1000’s and 1000’s of women Nationally and Internationally, in organizations, offices, in high schools and online.

I have a real heart for women and their mental health and wellbeing.

The demands of life see women struggling with the many hats they wear.

To remind themselves that it is ok to slow down, to be more self compassionate with themselves and in turn find time for playfulness and meaning.

Coffee and Conversations with Jane Linley-Thomas in your space.

I will come to your office, canteen, break room space one morning a week for a month for coffee and conversation with the ladies in your business.

Each weekly session is 30 minutes where we will all gather to connect as I chat, inspire and lift all with a story of my own personal challenges and impart tips and applications that I have found valuable with moving forward.

Conversations around being vulnerable, overwhelmed, anxious, authentic, to ask for help, the courage to keep moving forward, to slow down.

How being busy is not to be worn as a badge of honor but rather to strive for progress not perfection.

It is time to drop the mask in an insta perfect world and talk about the juggle, struggle and joy of life.

I have also created an admin whatsapp group that I contribute to daily with positive words and affirmations.

Ladies that attend the Coffee and Conversations session are welcome to join.

You are welcome to suggest topics, otherwise I would suggest the 4 that I get asked to speak on most often.

  • How to grow a kinder relationship with yourself.

  • Overcoming fear and stress and living a more peaceful life.

  • How slowing down helps with a greater sense of well being.

  • Using playfulness and gratitude to live a more energized life.

Jane Linley-Thomas is a South African radio personality, podcaster, and facilitator of the “Kindness Can Movement”

The KindnessCan podcast has had almost 70 000 downloads, feel free to take a listen at

Jane is a radio presenter on East Coast Radio

For the love of fashion Jane created The ReJoyce Collection, a pre loved fashion and play experience designed as a safe space for women to take time out and have fun.

Jane is a mother of 3 children, a 13 years son, and a pigeon pair of twins who are 11 years old.