Janey and The ReJoyce Collection make you feel so comfortable in your skin that you soon find yourself trying on things that you never would’ve before, thinking “why did I take so long to discover my truest dress sense?”. You also feel like you’ve had a therapy, play, self-confidence and happiness session rolled into one by the time you leave with your new bundle of deliciousness (clothes and accessories). I can’t recommend it enough and look forward to my next visit.

Kate Whalley-Hands

Jane Linley Thomas you are one of the most innovative people I have met in a VERY long time. Every time I visit the ReJoyce Collection I feel energised. I feel very privileged to have been chosen to be part of your vision at Fashion, Flowers and Friends community build fashion show.  I revisit the pictures & videos I can still feel that rush of adrenaline from that magical Sunday .

Beverley-Ann Fink

It is always such fun to  dress up and be playful with Jane and The ReJoyce Collection.

Zanele Kamwendo

When ever I wear The ReJoyce Collection I feel a little bit more of myself bloom. I feel brighter and I feel the love share through the clothes shared and sourced with Love and Joy. Thank you Janey for creating this sisterhood and safe spaces for us to bloom.

Kim Houston

Jane is a precious soul, her inner light just radiates. My daughter had been through a very traumatic few years, losing her dear Dad and then being bullied at school. Jane took Bella under her wing. Jane has a fantastic collection of clothes in her store and Bella loves nothing more than fashion and dressing up. Bellas self image has improved tenfold, Jane even invited Bella to take part in a fantastic fashion show. What a wonderful experience, what a JOY! Thank you Jane, you truly are inspiring.


Miss Jane Linley-T you are absolute magic, you are changing the world one dress, scarf and earring at a time here.

Jane Magner.

Veranda Panda

I was so excited when I found The ReJoyce Collection shop. It is everything I love in fashion colour, fun and allowing you to dress up. Thank you Jane for giving me the best shopping experience and sharing it with my sister in London. Together we have so much fun to see the different looks we can create. I always look forward to your posts.

Wendy Fuller

I could never have I imagined that I would have such a wonderful opportunity to shake off my insecurities and inhibitions with such an eclectic mix of wonderful souls in such incredible outfits in a safe and celebratory space. Jane’s ability to curate these safe and celebratory spaces for all is a gift. Be it in her back yard or on a farm in the KZN countryside, the way she can exploit natural beauty to create powerful, vibrant explosions of self expression is a marvel to behold and a privilege to be a part of.

Emma Whalley-Hands

I am quite a conservative dresser – I love my neutrals and safe options. But every single time I walk into the ReJoyce collection, I am honestly overcome with this out-of-the-blue confidence to wear all the glitz and glitter and do it all, unapologetically. Jane has that effect on people. I arrive looking one way, and leave feeling all the joy in the world, and like I can do anything and be anyone and overcome everything. It’s so much more than just putting on some beautifully treasured pre-loved fashion items. The ReJoyce Collection is so much more than a shop. It’s a space to be free, unrestrained, and to feel just good old-fashioned joy once again! It’s a whole vibe!!!!

Kendall Snyman

All of my favourite fashion and shopping experiences have been at The ReJoyce Collection. From fashionable outfits for international conferences to cool summer dresses, Jane has time and space to meet all my needs and desires, and makes the experience empowering and unique every time. If you want to treat yourself or your friends and or  family with some love, go and play! I promise you won’t forget or regret it.

Laurel Oettle

My team at Pro Talent had some retail therapy with Jane Linley-Thomas at The ReJoyce Collection over the past two days. It’s such a quick, simple, fun and joyful team building spoil.

Cindy Norcott